Week 2 – Landscapes with a Corpse

This weeks art project was to essentially portray how we would like to go…however, the thought of that terrifies me. So I began to just think of horror films and what would be the scariest thing to do.  I had fake blood from my halloween costume last year and decided to do something with that.  My friend and I went to a parking structure at night, and at first I wanted to pretend I was hit by a car, but the pictures didn’t come out as great as I had hoped so we went with my next idea.  Posing in an empty parking structure’s elevator was super eery.  All I kept thinking about was how scary that would be if I were to open an elevator and there was just a dead, bloody body on the floor. Just thinking about death and when my time will come turns my stomach, so I think that’s why this project took a lot out of me.  However, it turned out to be very fun.  A lot of people chose to do their makeup and look nice but my favorite part of this project was playing with the fake blood and making myself look all gross. This project also made me appreciate the models of Izima Kaoru because it is extremely hard to pretend to be dead and to not move a muscle for the different angles of the pictures. 14215403_1232621610090299_1374486586_o.jpg14215295_1232621583423635_971076315_o.jpg14215315_1232621520090308_679553183_o.jpg


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