Week 2 – Meet Arvan Arguelles

Arvan is a 3rd year biology student at CSULB but plans on transferring to West Coast next fall.  He aspires to become a Registered Nurse but in the mean time, he works as a Pharmaceutical Technician.  He recently took his board exam and passed! Good job, Arvan! He doesn’t have any siblings 😦 but that’s ok because his parents buy him fish for his fresh water tank at home! He said it takes him like an hour just to clean the tank, wow.  His favorite color is black and he believes in “dressing to impress.”  He is really into cars but right now he drives a prius because he’s a broke college student who needs a car that is efficient on gas!! lol! I also found out that he wasn’t really in my class?? (so I will probably never see him again) but that’s ok because we exchanged snapchats.

His response to the “Question of the Week: Is art important? In today’s world?” was, yes, art is important.  He believes this because art comes in almost every form and is in the eye of the beholder.  In today’s world, art can be portrayed through all of the social media sites because of societies dependence on them, but there is still a lot of traditional art that helps captivate and preserve culture.  He emphasized that art is a form of expression and and is used as an escape for a lot of people.


For more information about Arvan, check out his blog at https://beansartblog.wordpress.com/


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