Week 3 – Meet Brian Sath

This week I had the honor of meeting Brian Sath.  He likes to be called “Sath” because there are too many “Brian’s” in the world.  Brian recently moved to Long Beach from Bellflower because he got tired of the drive to school and it saved him like 30 extra minutes of sleep.  He is a Biology major and also works for the CSULB’s Associated Students Inc.  He even gets employee parking AND his own office!! Brian does the most. He also volunteers at hospitals and breeds dogs (bulldogs to be exact) and I recently got 2 american bulldogs, so we formed a bond through dogs.  That’s why we used this filter for our selfie together 🙂 what a cool dude.

The question of the week was “What is your favorite form of art and why?” Brian’s favorite form of art is music.  He believes that music is an escape from the outside world and you can listen to music for different reasons and emotions you’re feeling.  To some people it can be background noise, but to other people it can change their day, life, or attitude.  Music makes him feel some type of way.

JPEG image-B200EF5B0237-1.jpeg

Click here for more information about this awesome guy!



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