Week 3 – Meet John Mueller

Artist: John Mueller
Exhibition: Why Not?
Media: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: Click Here

John Mueller is an undergraduate student in CSULB’s School of Art’s Drawing and Painting Program.  He has always liked art and enjoys waiting and drawing his dog and friends.  Mueller’s first major work of art is the one located in the Gatov Gallery West, and it is an oil painting of  Harlee, his labrador retriever, and one of his good friends in a magical space.  Besides drawing and painting, Mueller enjoys to eat.  He said he will eat anything except for sliced tomatoes.

John Mueller uses pastel colors like pink and purple to create a magical essence of his piece; however, he also uses contrasting darker colors to create a deeper, gloomy feel.  He uses small, vivid strokes, throughout his canvas.

Mueller paints his friend and dog and gives them both a lackadaisical look on their face. Everything surrounding them takes on a darker color scheme in comparison to the rest of the piece.  However, as you move farther away from them, the pastel colors come into play, and the sunset has beautiful shades of pink incorporated in it.

This piece attracted me because I love dogs, and John Mueller did a very detailed painting of his dog.  So it made me curious as to why he chose to include his dog in this magical world he painted.  John Mueller wants people to think about his art, and his choices really made me think!



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