Week 7 – Meet Nathaniel Paderanga

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: Social
Media: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino
Website: N/A
Instagram: Here

Nathaniel Paderanga is a senior at CSULB and is currently pursuing a BFA in Drawing and Painting. He is from San Diego and enjoys taking pictures and then drawing them later.  Besides drawing and painting, Nathaniel really enjoys playing basketball at the rec center. Nathaniel chose getting a car over moving closer to Long Beach, so he currently commutes from Temecula.

In the exhibit, Nathaniel used oil on canvas to portray the pictures that he took over the past year.  He told us that he would work on three pieces at the same time, so that he didn’t get too bored working on one piece at a time.  They are placed in chronological order and are based off of what happened in the last year, social issues, homelessness, technology, and racial issues.

Last year, Nathaniel’s mother passed away.  This event made him think about how life is too short and everyone and everything has a story.  That idea is emphasized in his painting of the older man on the pier fishing.  Although to everyone else, he is just a man fishing on the pier, to someone else that is a loving dad, son, and friend that has a purpose also.  We seem to take the little things for granted in life and he no longer wants to do that. He wanted to bring pictures to life as he saw them and how he remembered them.  His favorite piece is the one of his home in San Diego.  That house isn’t how it used to be when his family lived there, so he painted it how he remembered it.  This is also his favorite his piece because it is his most complete piece.

I really enjoyed this exhibit because I believe that we do overlook some major issues that are going on.  For example in the second painting on the left, it may seem like a family is hanging out in the living room together; however, everyone is so consumed by technology they aren’t fully enjoying the company they have.  I think that is a major problem with our generation and I appreciate that piece.


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