Week 8 – Meet Stephanie Arciva

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, but since this convo made us friends now I’m going to refer to her as Steph from now on.  Before we got into the questions of the week, we decided to get to know each other a little better.  I found out that she loves tacos!! Which is funny, because I love tacos too.  She also tried out surfing before, and I try to surf every weekend.  Although she thinks that surfing is hard to do, she understands my love for the ocean.  Seeing that we were both adventurous, we decided to talk more about our similarities.  We both love to go hiking and I actually suggested a new trail for her to try out in San Diego (hopefully she tries it, it is super fun and leads right to the water.)

After chatting a bit longer with Steph, we decided to do the questions of the week.  Steph really likes music, but she really loves instrumentals.  She said that you can tell exactly how a musician is feeling by just listening to the emotion they put behind their instrument.  Steph said that if her child wanted to pursue an art career that she would support them as long as it was something they love and will be happy doing the rest of their life. On our phones we both had social media apps like twitter and snapchat (we exchange snapchats)

To learn more about this cool cat Steph, click here!



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