Week 9 – Care Package

This week’s art experience was to make an Art Care Package. To be quite honest I had no idea what to put inside this envelope, but I thought about what hobbies I use to enjoy and did a little self-reflection on my past and present. I decided to include in the package a Disneyland pin. I used to get a Disneyland pass every Christmas since I was younger and during my down time I would always just go on a quick trip and feel like a care-free kid again.  I also included a Long Beach Fair Grounds, City Grounds business card. I use to ride my fixed gear all over Cerritos and Long Beach in middle and high school, so I thought to include a business card to spread awareness about cycling. I also included two stickers, an Obey “PEACE” sticker and a Live Lokai sticker. I love everything Live Lokai stands for and they donate proceeds to different foundations. As for the peace sticker, I just thought it would be cool to “spread peace” in the form of a sticker. My final piece was a ticket to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Although the ticket may be old, I try to keep all my ticket stubs to help preserve memories and growing up this was my favorite place, I even use to be a club member. I’m giving this care package to my little sister so that she knows what I enjoyed growing up.

This week’s experience is different than sending a snapchat. It’s more personal. There’s more thought put into it and it’s sent like a package and cool surprise. Ephemera is something precious and all these items in my package mean something to me and hopefully my younger sister, Kaeli enjoys all the goodies inside. I believe that art is art and there is no difference in it’s importance as long as someone enjoys it and can connect or understand where you’re coming from as a person.  I think that it is better to have delayed gratification because it’s an even better surprise when you forget about something and then it pops up!  I think that as long as you are putting effort into something and thinking about someone, it shouldn’t matter how long it takes to prepare it because at the end of the day, you are taking time out of your day/life to make someone else’s day better. 🙂



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