Week 10 – Social Network

This week we made a social network tree out of pictures and yarn. Although it is a very complicated process, it was cool to see the end results and how small the world is. Connections and who you know are very important nowadays to get a job or even just succeed in general. So it was interesting to see how everything all ties together.

When I think of social networking I mostly think of social media and how many mutual “friends” and “followers” you have with others.  However, in fraternities and sororities, social networking is also a big deal because you create ties and bonds with your sisters and brothers in order to help you in the long run.  I think that Dunbar’s Number is pretty accurate. I, personally, don’t have many friends but a handful of really good friends.  Famous people, for example, have thousands of followers on social media,s o you would think that they have tons of friends, which is actually hardly the case.  Although some people may have thousands of friends on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that they personally know all of these people, they could just be coworkers, classmates, or mutual friends.  It’s crazy to me how small the world is. When I drew out my Social Network (a smaller representation) I didn’t realize that one of my best friends cousin, was best friends with someone I went to school with.  I think that my personal number would definitely be below 15.  I think that people come and go throughout your life, but the ones that are meant to stay in your life will stay in it through thick and thin. Although I have made a bunch of new friends throughout high school and college, I don’t keep contact with a lot of them or even remember their names because they were just temporary. The weaker ties, mainly the “friend of a friend” cases, have definitely broadened my horizons.  I run into followers in the most random places, and at first it’s a little bit awkward because I never know if I should approach them or not, but I usually do, and then it definitely brings me more opportunities.



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