Week 11 – Meet Adrian Munoz

Adrian is a 3rd year Biology student at CSULB. He went to Downey High School and grew up in Downey.  He doesn’t know about the new spot, Raising Canes, that opened up recently though.  I also told him about a burger place that he has to try (which is also in Downey, so I couldn’t believe he hadn’t heard of it).  Aside from talking about food, we also discussed what he wants to do after graduating from CSULB, and he said that he would like to go to med school and eventually become a cardiovascular surgeon.  He joined a frat which is the best and worst thing that he could’ve done.  Although it is super convenient and fun because of the connections made and the social aspect, Greek life takes a lot of time and because of that his grades started to slip.  But that’s ok because he got his life back on track now!

As far as the question of the week goes, Adrian believes that Demi Lovato has the right to be upset about the fan art made of her.  Although critique comes with her job and living in the limelight like that, if an artist doesn’t have permission to do the piece, then the least they can do is accurately depict the subject.  But it was still a beautiful piece he did of her.  Here is a pic of me and Adrian, and to find out more about this cool dude, click here!



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