Week 14 – Meet Andy Bui

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Bui. Andy is a third year student at CSULB.  He is studying biology and one day wants to be a pharmacist.  He might not become a pharmacist though but nothing else has really sparked his interest yet.  So I guess you can say in the meantime he is just working on his grades.  BUT when he does find free time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and going on youtube.  His favorite things to watch on Youtube are informative videos about technology and how to fix things.  (I guess if being a pharmacist or doctor doesn’t work out, he can be be a hANDY man LOL) His favorite thing to eat is sushi but he doesn’t have a favorite spot to eat that at, because that’s like choosing one friend over the other, because fish are friends not food.

As far as the question of the week goes, Andy feels like in the future school will be a lot more technology based.  He said that there will be less student-student and student-professor interaction because a majority of the class will be online.  Also, he believes that school tuition will increase even more along with the price of everything else.




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